So we leave 3 weeks from Friday, and I think besides a few clothing items, we have everything we need for the trip. We both have kickass backpacks, and carry on bags. I got the Nikon D90 camera, along with a 35-70 lens, 16 GB of memory, and two batteries.

My next challenge is getting all the good info out of all the travel books and condensing it all into a PDF booklet so we only have to bring it, and not 12 books.  We have our visa’s, our inoculations, and all our bills should be paid a month in advance if they aren’t online accessible.

I figure I’ll give notice to all of my clients about 2 weeks in advance. That gives them enough time to get everything they need, and make sure they are getting paid while I’m in….I think Budapest at the time 🙂 I will be checking in daily for work and checking email, just because it will put my mind at ease and keep biz going and growing while I’m gone.

I’ve got two buddies house and dog sitting for us while we are gone, big ups to Rich and Beef.  Now I just need to fill the fridge, put in a fresh keg, leave money for call girls and drugs, and they should be all set. Kidding guys, the money is only for call girls.

Oh, and we finally have our final itinerary, well as of now. So this is where we are going:

Vancouver / Tokyo / Beijing / Hong Kong / Macau / Dubai / Cairo / Athens / Budapest / Bratislava /  Helsinki / Copenhagen / Stockholm

If we get adventurous while in Budapest, we might do a day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia just to see what it’s all about. We’ve been to the finer side of the former combined country, Prague, and it was awesome. I’ve read Bratislava is not as glamorous, but has some castles and some other monuments, and would be worth at least half a day.  Macau is also a 50/50 chance, as I’m sure there will be plenty to see and do in Hong Kong, especially since Annemarie gets to see her cousin who lives there. We also look forward to seeing Nick Mendola in Sweden, who will be our gracious host.

We are going to have a picture site up as well through Fotki so that can be followed daily to see what we’ve done on our trip thus far, or what we’ve seen for that matter.

OK, done for now.