We leave in a week, and more madness of course had to happen. One, we finally got an offer and accepted it on our other home. I will have owned it 2 years to the day when it closes. We got taken the cleaners, but I’m glad it’s gone, and they new owners are getting a hell of a house at a hell of a price. Then again, I will keep that place in my thoughts until the papers are signed of course.

We have all of our gear for the trip, so now we have to pack it. I see no problem on my end, we’ll see if Annemarie can really fit everything into a backpack and a carry on, but I think she’ll meet the task. Now I just have to convert all my work stuff onto a rugged hard drive and the MacBook, and business wise I’ll be ready to go. I’ll post pictures of our packed bags and gear once they are done on Thursday night.

I am starting to get excited, but probably won’t fully believe we are going on this trip until we land in Vancouver next Friday and get our first passport stamps. Then off to Japan a week from Sunday, which will really make the belief kick in when nothing is familiar and we understand exactly ZERO words being said on the street. Now off to copy some pages from our guide books, bookmark a ton of websites, and get somethings in line for March so things flow smoothly while we are gone.