So we leave in two days for Vancouver, and you’d think that we were preparing for the end of the world based on how hectic it is around here. Between getting the house ready for closing (small, yet annoying punch list to finish), taking our house off the market and getting it ready for our friends to stay in, and getting all my work stuff ready for the road, it’s been a hectic last week.

I don’t think I’ll actually be excited for the trip until we land in Vancouver, which won’t be until midnight on Friday night. The minute I see Vancouver from the plane, I’ll start to be excited that the trip has started. To top it off, my old pal Andy is going to be in Vancouver this weekend as well, and should start our journey off with some laughs and analogies that will take days to understand.

The weather on our trip will be all over the place, but for about 10 days the weather will be warmer, averaging 70-80 daily, which will be quite a break from Chicago and this terrible winter. But is it just luck or karma that we are leaving town on a day where it’s supposed to be 65!! Good thing it will be 30 degrees colder within a week again, or I’d be really ticked.

Here is the picture in my head that I’ll need to see out the window before I get excited..

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC