Our first day on our trip and it passed with flying colors. What was supposed to be a day of 50 MPH winds and lots of rain, turned out to be a calm day in the mid-40’s with everyone in Vancouver outside biking, running, and just enjoying the day. This truly is a city for people who love the outdoors. We started the day at the Vancouver Lookout to, well, lookout over the skyline in all directions. It had some good views, but was a bit overcast when we were up there so we couldn’t see too far in the distance.

We then headed over to the tourist info center, to be greeted by two older women who either loved their job like no one I have ever met, or were on something to keep them cheery because their job is boring as can be. I’ll go with the latter. She told us to hit Stanley Park, Granville Island, and a couple of streets. She told us to walk a bit, then take a bus, then take a ferry. I told her we’d just walk, she thought that was preposterous, yet she was still smiling the Joker!

Anyway, we walked up to Stanley Park along the sea walk, where I had my first catastrophe and dropped the camera. Fear set in, Annemarie almost killed me, and I thought I was out a bit of coin. But all came out fine, and thank god for a UV filter on the lens. We made it up to Stanley Park, primarily just to see the lighthouse and the Totem Poles:

Totem Poles in Stanley Park

Totem Poles in Stanley Park

We then headed down the south side of the island along English Bay and Sunset Beach, which gives you another prospective of the island. Vancouver is a very modern city, with tons of construction going on for the growing population, as well as the Olympics which will be here in less than a year. We followed that path down to a ferry boat which took us over to Granville Island, which has the Public Market of Vancouver, which was packed with tourists and locals, but interesting none the less. We then hopped back on the ferry to main island and walked around until we met up with my friend Andy and his friend Monica for dinner. It was nice to see a familiar face and catch up with our old friend.

As of right now, we are sitting in the JAL Sakura Business Lounge waiting for our flight to Tokyo, in which we take off at 1pm and land in Tokyo at 3pm……the next day! And an obligatory city shot to part with: