Well, we made it to Tokyo, and we’re exhausted. There were close to 60 business class seats on the plane from Vancouver, and only about 12 were full, so we pretty much had our own flight attendant for the whole 9 hours, it was awesome. Watched a few movies, including Changeling, which we both recommend after watching it. My only complaint of the day is that Narita airport is about 90 minutes from Tokyo, and it’s a pretty dull drive, unless you count passing Tokyo Disney exciting.

We’re heading to bed so we can crush part of the city tomorrow, but we did get out to a local hole in the wall and had some noodles and soup. We’d also like to thank 7-Eleven as the only ATM we could find in a short distance that would work so we could eat. Tomorrow we’ll look for Bill Murray and laugh at people in karaoke bars. If you didn’t get the sarcasm there, I loathe karaoke.

Arigato and good night.