We bought Fodor’s book on Tokyo and figured we’d do the 3 day tour they recommended so we could cover a lot of bases. Well, as my friend Tom would appreciate, crushed that 3 day tour in 1 day!! I’m not sure who that tour was made for, but we are thinking along the lines of Chris Farley or the likes of Jared before his Subway reincarnation. We hit a small shrine, the Imperial Palace, the Sensoji Temple (oldest temple in Tokyo), Asakusa Shrine, and the Thundergod Gate.


We then hopped on the subway, which is by far the best subway system I’ve been on thus far, and I’ve been on NYC, Chicago, and London. Tokyo’s system is uber efficient, fast, quiet, clean and laid out quite well. We bought all day passes for $7/each, and probably rode it at least 10 different times today and hopped on 4 or 5 different lines. Tokyo Tower was our next stop on the tour, and as soon as we saw it from the distance, we decided not to go in. It’s a terrible replica of the Eiffel Tower, and is loaded up with small stores at the bottom so locals actually have a reason to visit. Otherwise, it just looks like an ugly structure trying to set the world record for most satellite dishes!

Gate House at the Imperial Palace

Gate House at the Imperial Palace

We ended our day in Roppongi, which is a very popular area in the city for ex-pats. We probably spent an hour walking around looking for a particular restaurant so I could have some yakatori, but to no avail. The one problem that we have found with Tokyo is that nothing is addressed, and even the police department have a hard time finding buildings, including the restaurant we couldn’t find, and gave up on after a bit longer. We hit another local joint just because we were tired and hungry, got some bananas from the grocery store (leg cramps will set in later) and headed back to the hotel.

See ya Tomorrow!