1 train, 2 trains, 3 trains, HAI!!! Yes, it took three different trains to get to the great Buddha today in Hase, but it was worth it. We headed up this morning, and it took about 90 minutes to get there. Hase is on a much smaller scale compared to Tokyo, but has it’s own charm, but at the same time if the Great Buddha didn’t exist, I don’t think the name of this town would either in anyone’s memory. Anyway, I guess this is the most popular monument when it comes to Japan, so we figure we better get to it.

It is quite big, and at one time was housed in a shrine that was somehow destroyed and washed away by a title wave about 500 years ago. Pretty impressive that it still stands, I think. Anyway, we finally figured out the self-timer on the camera, so we took some proof that were were there:

The Mulkeens visit the Great Buddha

The Mulkeens visit the Great Buddha

So we took off from there, and headed to Shinjiku on the quest to find “Piss Alley” for some good old fashioned Yakatori. Did we find it? Hell No!! Have we found one restaurant that we’ve wanted, well, NO! The address system once again beat us fair and square and we are now 0/3 on finding restaurants, but we will try again tomorrow. Since we failed again, we decided we might as well see the best view of Tokyo (at least the best view that is free) at the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building from their observation deck. The skyline in one word: HUGE! The city goes on forever in 3 directions, bordered by water on the 4th. Then again, the city has to be this big. There are so many people they need somehwere to house everyone. We have also noticed after taking so many trains and walking around, that everyone in this city is dressed to the 9’s and have all the latest and greatest accessories, including dangling junk for their cell phones. It’s nuts.

Tomorrow we will hit the Tsukiji Fish Market to watch some auctions, buy and eat some weird stuff, and have the freshest sushi in the world. It should be an experience in itself. Ok, well I might go get another Lemon drink from the vending machine outside…there is one vending machine for every 15 people in Tokyo, it’s insane, they are everywhere, but very convenient. I leave you with this picture below to decide which statue is more serious. Cheers!

Who is more still?