So I figured I would hit on some other points about Tokyo while we wait in the JAL Sakura Lounge at Narita Airport. We get access to all of the lounges while on our trip as a courtesy to our business class tickets, nice touch. The service so far at these lounges puts American Airlines lounge to shame. Everything is free, you are waited on hand and foot, and they are huge. I come back to service because Japan seems to be all about service. Everyone is dressed up, from businessmen to cab drivers, and everything is white glove service. Every inch of the country is paid attention to in detail, and they take care of it all day, everyday.

This is also the cleanest city we’ve ever been in, as there is no garbage anywhere. That includes garbage cans. Where the heck do people put their garbage?? It took us quite a long time to find somewhere to throw anything away, but we’ve come to the conclusion that garbage just doesn’t exist here, at least in public areas. American cities could learn some lessons from Tokyo on how a city should function, from the subway system, to the hotel service and so on. I also love all the the compact cars and motorcycles in the city. Every service you can think of has a delivery service on a scooter. I even saw a scooter that delivered books. Feel like a good read? Go online, order some books, and you’ll have them that day delivered to your door…..that’s if they can ever find your address!!!

I know that Beijing will be completely different in all areas, but I don’t expect any of these cities to be very similar. We got rid of all of our YEN this morning in time to fill our pockets with YUAN, and I know China will be much cheaper than Japan. I was in China a little over 3 years ago, so I’m looking forward to going back and touring another city (saw Shanghai back in 2005).