So for those that know us, you know that the last two years has been a nightmare in one way because of a little real estate investment I made about 2 years ago. Well that nightmare finally came to an end yesterday, as we finally unloaded the “money pit” as Annemarie would call it. I also think we finally got our package that we shipped home from Egypt releases from customs in Newark. That was quite a nightmare as well. But at least the day came out to a good close with getting a property off our hands, and eating some reindeer at a local restaurant here in Helsinki.

Our other home will go back on the market in May, as we want to dump that one as well and hopefully just get a loft in downtown Chicago that could easily be rented out. None the less, we have decided not to return to the United States on April 7th as previously planned. With all the hotel stays that we’ve had on our trip, we have been given an additional month of free hotel stays and airplane tickets for free, and we are going to take advantage of them.

So, we are headed to Africa once again as soon as our time is done in Stockholm next Tuesday. We are going to hit Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Namibia, Cape Verde, and then finishing off in the Azores off the coast of Portugal. Our dog will hate us, and Mike and Rich unexpectedly will be spending another month at our condo, but what are you gonna do, come and get us in Africa? Yeah right.

The road has been fun, and we are able to carry on life as we did back in Chicago, sans hanging out with our dog. We’ve also decided to cash in our retirement plans early and only stay in penthouses at all these hotels in our new month of travels. I mean, they give you free hotel rooms, but that just won’t do, we need the best. We will also be getting private cars, butlers, and trained pet monkeys while we travel throughout the continent. I hope this post finds all that we know well and confused, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We wish you all the best, and enjoy the 1st day of April. Cheers