So we figured after the long trip we just took, we both decided that we needed one thing: a vacation! So today we head out to San Francisco. I’m heading out for a week, while Annemarie will only be out for 3 days. I usually hit wine country once a year, and last year was the second time we went with some friends. Unfortunately, Amy & Nick can’t make the trip this year, so it will be a debacle, albeit smaller, with Jon and Rachel. I then have to stay behind to hit up Ad Tech in San Francisco to do the usual conference things. Shaking hands, exchanging cards that you’ll never look at again, chest bumps, hi-fives, one arm hugs, and the oh so familiar “hey, how are ya?” Who was that again??

Like our travel, we like to do things overboard. Last year in three days we hit 21 wineries in Napa and Sonoma. Our goal this year is to hit almost as many, but only in Sonoma County, and all of them have to be new to us. I think we can do it, as we like to try out as many wines as possible, and the girls like to collect as many stone wine coasters as they can. We’re staying in a small town called Healdsburg, which has this great B&B called the Haydon Street Inn. We stayed there last year for one night, and had a great time. The hosts are real friendly, and cook up the best 3 course breakfast you’ve ever had. It will be nice to relax there for the whole weekend this time and enjoy it a bit more.

I have no idea where we are going to go tomorrow yet, but I’ll fill you in once I can see and type on this thing again. Should be fun times as usual.

Time for Vino!