Sitting in my hotel room at the Warwick after another 3 day tour up in Sonoma County. The group of 4 I was with knocked off 21 wineries yet again, with about 17 of them being new to all of us. I really have no desire to ever visit Napa Valley again, other than a few restaurants and Casa Nuestra. The wineries and people in Sonoma just seem a tad more laid back, not as “corporate”, and really want to get to know the people who come into their wineries.  The hotel, Haydon Street Inn in Healdsburg, was great once again as well. We got the only 4 person room there, which has a living room, kitchen, and private hot tub. It was nice to be able to spread out after tasting all day, and not be stuffed into a small room with nowhere to move.

As I said, we hit quite a few wineries, and I think this might be most of the list:

Woodenhead, Amphora, Kokomo, Preston, Bella, Everett Ridge, Moshin, Hop Kiln, Sbragia, David Coffaro, Wilson,Unti, Mauritson, Dehlinger, Stryker, Iron Horse, Nalle, Sunce, Harvest Moon, Pelligrini and Rued

I highly suggest if you make it up to this part of wine country to hit Woodenhead, Sbragia, Unti, Stryker, Nalle and Harvest Moon. Dehlinger was a lucky break, as we got a tip from the wine maker at Pelligrini that they were having a private tasting, which they only host once a year, otherwise the place is closed to the public. The winery is not on most maps, but through a little research we found a street number and mailbox, and it paid off big, as their Pinot might have been the best of the trip.

Seeing I don’t have the camera with me, I can’t really upload any pictures we took over the weekend, but they’ll get up here eventually, plus with some more details of the trip. Off to hang out with my buddy Bondo, and relax for the night in San Fran.