After traveling around the world for five weeks back in March, and then hitting Sonoma for a week, I really haven’t traveled much. I actually didn’t even leave Chicago, besides a 3 day road trip to Pittsburgh, during the month of July. Well that’s all coming to an end. In the next 8 weeks, I have quite a few trips, and for a plethora of reasons. I just got back from Boston, and tomorrow I have to head to NYC for a two day conference, which is code name for hanging out with friends in the industry, drinking at the bar, and hopefully drumming up some new business. I hope to see some old friends from high school as well, but that’s usually a shot in the dark since I never know how over the top the conference will get.

After I get back from NYC, I think will be heading back to Rochester for a family reunion on Annemarie’s side. Seeing we have skipped the last 6 reunions, I figure we whould probably go to this one. I’m actually excited for the small detail of actually flying into ROC, since it usualy costs twice as much as it would be to fly into BUF. Rochester is so much more convenient when we fly back to upstate New York, so when it’s cheap, we jump on it. As long as there is time to get a Brueggers Bagel, Wegmans Sub, and a Garbage Plate, the trip will be a success.

For Labor Day, Annemarie and I are hoping to hit Costa Rica for a quick 4 day jaunt. In my random thoughts of moving, I added Costa Rica to the list because………yup, don’t know, but seemed like a good option. So why not head down for a long weekend to see what it’s like, but at the same time hit the beach and do some jungle zip lines. It also knocks off another country, and gets me that much closer to 50 countries visited before we start to have kids…….in 10 years 😉

After getting back from Latin America, I’m off to London again. I try to head over once a year, whether it be for a Spurs match, or for a conference. This time I get to combine the two, with Ad Tech London happening the third week of September. I’ll probably head over for 5 days, see some friends up in Milton Keynes, hit a Spurs match or two, spend some time in London with my cousin and her husband, and hit the conference. Hopefully I’ll get some free time to wander around London again, and hit some pubs with some people I know in the industry….and have some drinks, and drum up some business. Maybe I could even drum up some meetings in Europe while I’m over there, with an intention of hitting some new countries as well. I wonder if I know any potential clients in Luxembourg or Norway? We’ll see.

As soon as I get back from London, we head off to Albany for a family wedding. I think I have only been to Albany once in my life, and that was to watch my brother play in college football game against RPI. So my memory of Albany is a college campus, so it sticks out in my memory as much as………nothing. Oh well, we’ll see if something else makes it memorable this time around.

I jump back from that trip, and then head of to Vegas to celebrate the ending of my brother’s life…othewise known as his bachelor party. About 20 guys are going to make thet trip out for 48 hours of madness, and I hope to remember none of it. I’m not really a fan of Vegas, never have been, but my brother seems to love it, so why not. 48 hours is about all I can take of Vegas, so the trip will be good. I wonder if going to Vegas for a bachelor party and my birthday in the same weekend is a smart idea in the long run? Probably not, but I can sleep on the plane.

That about wraps it up over the next 8 weeks, and hopefully by that time we’ll have our house sold and decide on a few more trips, including one out of town for about 6 months. Should we move to Vancouver and enjoy the Winter Olympics and some great winter sports for 6 months, or hit up Spain and travel around Europe every weekend for 6 months? I look forward to that choice being available.

Ok gotta pack for NYC!