I feel uncomfortable unless I have at least one trip planned, either domestically or internationally. With trips to Las Vegas and Charleston, SC in January, I didn’t think I would travel much more. Well, that never seems to work out, whether I plan it or not. American Airlines had some crazy sale to many countries in Central America for about a week, and I found some rates that were hard to pass up. So after going through a bunch of dates and countries, we are heading to Costa Rica in about a month for 4 days. Quick trip I know, but we figure that we’ll try a place out first for a quick trip, and if we like it we’ll come back. So with that being said, and only $230 later, we are headed to La Fortuna, Costa Rica…home of the Arenal Volcano.

Pretty excited seeing that we’ve never been to Central America as of yet, and it knocks out yet another country on our quest to 50 before we settle down. Costa Rica will be #31, and with South Africa and at least 3 other EU countries being added, I’ll hit 35 halfway through the year. Somewhere in there I still would like to find a deal to Iceland, and possibly a trip to South America. My work focus is now to grow enough to give me even more flexibility to travel. I see some results from the work that I’ve done since going on my own in 2002 everyday. I see the car in the garage that was a childhood dream and my first business goal. I see some statues and pieces of art around the apartment, but when I see the pictures of us in all corners of  the world I relive memories immediately of what we’ve done and what we’ve seen….so far.

So on to the New Year and hopefully a lot of new countries. I just noticed the other day that if we based our travel off the UN Country List, we have seen 15.3% of the world. We have some work ahead of us for sure 🙂