June 4th is almost here, and we are about to embark on yet another crazy trip.  It’s hard to believe we did our World Trip 15 months ago, still feels like yesterday. That being said, we haven’t slowed down at all. We’ve technically been planning this trip for 4 years, or the last time we were at the World Cup in Germany. That trip got us hooked, and just increased the interest in visiting South Africa. Now the time is here, and we are about leave on a 16 day adventure that should be unique in many ways.

Now, seeing it takes forever and a day to get to Cape Town,  we decided to break the trip up, and spend time in Europe at the beginning and end of the trip. And as you can tell in previous posts, I don’t really like to visit the same places twice, unless I have to. But Annemarie has wanted to visit Sicily since the first time we stepped in Rome 6 years ago, and now we’re finally going to make it happen. So, we start our trip in Sicily, Agrigento to be exact. Found a nice B&B that looks over the Valley of the Temples, and puts us in a pretty good location to do day trips around western Sicily. The highlight of the trip will be the day trip to Cianciana, where Annemarie’s roots begin, and where she still has quite a bit of her extended family.  I won’t even begin to think how the day will go….or how much food we’ll eat, but I’m sure it will be memorable.

From there we head off to Cape Town, and while we are there we’ll see a couple of World Cup matches at the new stadium. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it back to Cape Town, so the 5 days we have down there will be jam packed. From the matches, to Table Mountain, to hitting wine country, I think Cape Town will have more to do that we think. On top of that, after being in Germany 4 years ago, we both learned that the World Cup is the biggest party on the planet, and meeting people from all over the world is always fun. I look forward to having pints with people from Asia, South America, and the Middle East while watching a match at the pub. That’s what makes this world event so great.

After Cape Town, we head back to Europe, for some “ludicrous” travel as we like to call. We’re going to hit Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I wanted to make the back-end of the trip unique, and I figure any trip that includes Luxembourg and Liechtenstein would fit the bill, seeing the majority of people I speak to have never even heard of the latter. This trip will be 16 days of constant movement, but we intend to absorb every minute of it. We’ll be posting again from the beautiful Italian island of Sicily.