There are four words you hear more than any other in Sicily…Buongiorno, Si, Grazie and Ciao! I now have these words burned into my brain, and will use them in everyday life…or at least when I visit Sicily or Le Roy :-). So our long trip to Cianciana started in Chicago back on Friday at 9am. We had to fly to London for the night to catch the first flight in the morning on Saturday to Rome. Flight to London was pretty uneventful, other than we hit serious turbulence for about 15 minutes where the flight attendants fell over in the aisles. Did I care? Not really, what am I going to do about it! We get into London, take a ridiculously overpriced taxi to the hotel, and crash….for about 4 hours! Get back and head back to Heathrow to find out we are pretty much the first people to go through security that day….at 5am. For those that haven’t been to T5 yet at Heathrow, it’s pretty solid, and only serves British Airways. We have been in our share of airports, and this was near the top. Moving on.

We head down to Rome, where we had another 3 hour layover. Mind you, I usually fly direct with minimum connections, but when you get bumped into an award ticket that costs you nothing, you take what you can get, hence our patchwork trip to get to Sicily. We land in Rome, and I remember the airport like I was there yesterday….even thought it was almost 6 years ago. We don’t have our boarding passes for our next flight to Palermo, so we stop at a desk to ask if we can transfer without going through security again. They say yes, and just go to the transfer desk to get our tickets. Sounds easy enough…well almost too easy. We go through one security check, and they just ask to see our confirmation that we actually have tickets. We have that. We then go through passport control where they usually stamp you since you’ve now entered the Schengen Zone. Well I handed my passport to him…..and he waved it on. He never even opened it! So Annemarie and I look at each other and figure they’ll probably stamp us in Palermo… So as of right now while we are enjoying Sicily, there really is no proof that we are actually here!

So we land in Palermo, and head to the rental car place. All seems fine, until they add every single extra charge onto the bill. I felt like Seinfeld when he visited Puddy at the Saab dealership and was getting charged for “unnecessary overcharges, transmission protection, and of course, keys… drive the car.” Believe me I’ll be on the phone with Hertz once I get a decent time, since the car they gave us was the wrong one, half the options don’t work, and the GPS died an hour into the trip. Thankfully you can charge it, so we’ve gotten by since then. Within that hour, we were able to find Corleone, where I wanted to visit as soon as we confirmed Sicily. Well, there isn’t much to say, as it’s not much of a town to visit. I knew it wasn’t that great when we saw an old poster of “The Godfather” taped onto a wall near the town square. What I thought would be an homage to one of the most famous town in Mafia movie history, ended up being nothing but a small town that if you blinked would pass you by. Oh well, much more to see!

We head out of Corleone, only to realize we now have no GPS or idea on how to get down to Agrigento, where we’d be staying for the first 3 nights in Sicily. Thankfully, I had printed out some Google Map sheets just in case the GPS sucked……which it did, so my best paid off. Of course, we took a bunch of wrong turns since the signs in Sicily are questionable, but we made it in decent time.

So we are now in Agrigento, at our B&B, and decided to grab a quick dinner, a couple Moretti’s, and some Gelato, and then crash for the night to be on our game for tomorrow’s adventure to Cianciana to meet the family. Wait until you read about this day. Ciao!

Corleone Museum