After we visited Cianciana to see the family, we both knew the rest of the time in Sicily would be somewhat of a letdown, even though we’d still eat well! So we decided to spend a day in Agrigento, which was home base for the duration of our stay in Sicily. The city isn’t much to brag about. It’s become very popular recently with younger people, who are moving out of the small villages to bigger cities just for the nightlife and employment opportunities. Plus, it’s right near the coast, and you can be on the beach within 10 minutes. Would we visit Agrigento again? No, we covered that city pretty well in one day and saw all the sights that one would want to see, but I’m glad we were there.

ruins of Agrigento

Now, the one thing that Agrigento does have going for it is history. If you didn’t know, about every country has attacked Sicily over its history, but one country left a lasting mark that is pretty identifiable, and that would be Greece. Agrigento looks like the second coming of Athens when you see all the ruins next to the city. And to be honest, the ruins here are preserved much better. The ruins aren’t overrun by tourists either…..yet. I think since Sicily is becoming more accessible to the rest of mainland Europe, the ruins will get a lot more traffic over the coming years, but hopefully they’ll keep them protected so they don’t get abused like the Greek Ruins or the Pyramids.

Pretty intact don't you think?

But as I said, there really isn’t much to the city, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking. We’re glad we saw it, but I don’t think we’ll be back, unless it’s just passing through.

Now, on our last night in Sicily, we wanted to make sure we were closer to Trapani since our flight was out of there, and it’s not really near anything. So, I picked Mazara del Vallo, and yet again, this will be a city we never visit again. Honestly, besides a few things of food we tried, I could have sworn we were in North Africa somewhere, more specifically Morocco. This city was a complete 180 to Cianciana, and not in a good way. As soon we pulled into town to check into our hotel, I knew this wasn’t going to be that great.

random wall art in the kasbah of Mazara del Vallo

The only unique thing about the city that I found interesting was that it had a Kasbah, and that is what reminded me of what Morocco might be like. Never been there before….guess I’ll find out when we visit. The area that the kasbah was in is very tight, and the roads are not meant for cars, although a few do squeak inside the walls, and when I say squeak, I mean rub a little on both sides. I’m not kidding. But they have transformed the whole area into a shopping mecca with bars scattered all around. What was once a pretty sleepy area of town is now the main focus.

Our final day in Sicily found us yelling at the GPS, which we were told is pretty much worthless here, and questioning whether or not we were going the right direction to Trapani Airport. We made it there, albeit 3 hours before our flight, but that’s ok. I was going to take the extra time to call Hertz and let them know they’ll be refunding my entire rental car, since multiple things didn’t work on the car, we had a constant warning light, the GPS died about an hour into the trip on Day 1, and it actually wasn’t the car they told me I rented. And I don’t mean when you rent a car online and it says “Car X or similar.” No, I mean “sir, your XXX is outside, spot 16” and then we go outside and there is no car in Spot 16 and when we finally found our car, it’s not the kind of car they told me it was supposed to be. On top of that, they overcharged me for every extra on the planet, and double charged me on other things. Thanks Hertz, I’ll enjoy that free rental!

Rock the Kasbah

Overall, Sicily was great, and we’ll be back sooner than later, or according to Annemarie, we’ll be going back on our next trip. I look forward to seeing Cianciana again, and spending a few days there just relaxing and talking with all the old guys on the street. Of course I’d have to learn Sicilian first, but that would be something if some random Yank sat down and started chatting with them.

Agrigento & Mazara del Vallo Pictures