If you haven’t already figure about by reading this blog that we are travel obsessed, I’m not sure what you’re reading. How many people on a vacation would visit Luxembourg….and Liechtenstein? Half of my friends had never even heard of the latter country, so that made me think of course, “this place is going to be something special.” But we’ll get to that in a bit, because this leg of the crazy trip lands us in Zurich, Switzerland. I honestly was shocked after looking at our travels in Europe thus far that we had never been to Switzerland, but had traveled to every country surrounding it. I guess we just never had a reason to go. Then again, we didn’t have one now either, but we both like to see new things, so it seemed like a good stop. We hopped our train in Luxembourg, only to find out that our direct tickets to Zurich weren’t direct, and that we had to change in Basel…good thing someone told us…in Basel…after we sat on the train for 10 minutes wondering why it was not moving. But, we made the train connection, and an hour later we were in Zurich….where once again, it was pouring!! The weather on the start of the trip was definitely a 180 compared to the weather at the end of the trip, but that was fine. We headed off to the hotel, checked in, and crashed hard.

On the train to Zurich from Luxembourg

Now, we stayed at some sort of business hotel where they kind of treat you like you’re at a B&B, but there really is no staff or regular hotel services around. Yet our room was enormous, had a full kitchen, and a deck looking over the river that flows through Zurich. Mind you, Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in all of Europe, so this hotel was a relative bargain with location and size of the room being the top factors. Anyway, we at some breakfast and then set out on the city. Zurich is pretty nice, and very upscale. Pretty easy to get around too, as most of downtown is packed into a really tiny area. There really isn’t a whole to see in Zurich, it’s just a nice city to kick back in for a couple days, eat some overpriced food, drink some overpriced beers, and buy some overpriced chocolate, which by the way, Annemarie thought took a back seat to Belgian chocolate, but I wouldn’t know. I will say this though. The stores had this one chocolate treat called a Luxembourgli, which was pretty damn good, but very rich, and I could have a few. They come in a ton of different flavors, so I figured we’d try almost all of them. Then after I realized I was paying around 1 euro per chocolate, I kicked myself for buying them in the first place. When in Rome I guess.

Along the water in Zurich

We honestly didn’t know what to see in Zurich, so when all else fails, you take the HopOn/HopOff bus tour that the city has. Zurich might have the worst city tour I’ve ever been on, and for those that know about our Salzburg tour from 4 years back, this was even more boring. There’s really just not that much to see, and the stuff they do point out, does not have a “wow” factor. Again, one of my best memories of Zurich would be getting a pretzel bread sandwich….for 8 euros! This is the equivalent of their street meat, but they overcharge like crazy for it. Why? Because their taxes are ridiculous. We were told before even getting to Zurich to not make a dinner reservation, because you’d break the bank. That was then confirmed when we spoke with some locals and said no one eats out, everyone cooks, because it’s too expensive! One thing I do enjoy in expensive cities though: car spotting. I saw quite the lineup of high end cars, and probably didn’t see a car that more than 5 years old. So for any car lover out there, Zurich is a nice spot.

Luxembourgli's for days....about 15 flavors

All in all, I’m glad we visited Zurich, but I don’t think I’d put it on anyone’s “must hit list.” And there are many other cities in Switzerland I want to visit, like Basel, Interlocken and Zermatt. I assume I’ll be back for business one day, but pleasure, I think not.