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Now bring on 2010! After looking at my travel this year, I traveled close to 75,000 miles this year. Not bad, and I don’t think I’ll travel that much in a year again for a long time, but then again, you never know. I still hope to keep up on my “countries visited” pace and still see 50 before our family starts to multiply. With 18 countries to go, I better get a move on.

2009 added Macau, Hong Kong, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Denmark and Sweden to the countries visited list. In 2010, I’d like to add Malta, Portugal, Morocco and South Africa. I think we’ll also finally get Iceland onto the list, and possibly a trip down to South America, possibly before relocating to Europe next fall. After going through a lot of books, research, and information provided by friends, I think Europe is the place for me. And now with the core of my business being over in the EU, it only makes sense that I’m over there…and hopefully located in Barcelona.

If that happens, I’ll pass my goal of 50 countries visited easy, and would push more for 75 with the easy accessibility of European countries. You can pretty much be anywhere in 2 hours 😉

Of course I also fly domestically, and I still have 8 states that I have not visited yet. In no particular order: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Montana, Hawaii and Alaska. Now that AA has opened up some direct flights to South Dakota and Alaska, both of those could be on the docket pretty soon. I fully believe that the last two states I’ll ever be in will be Hawaii and Oklahoma, which I never really see a reason to visit. If there is an e-saver one weekend and the Bulls are playing the Thunder, I might make the trip for a night. I haven’t visited many “new” states over the last 5 years, with really only Wyoming and Idaho being checked off. I also checked off another Canadian Province this year when we visited Vancouver. I’m looking at quick trips to Montreal for the weekend to knock off Quebec, but the rest will be interesting.

I actually know someone in Saskatchewan and Manitoba now, so maybe I can knock them off as well. Seeing every part of North America I think would be a nice accomplishment (sans Central America). Plenty of travel to be had.

With that, our main concern for Cape Town was to secure a otel that we could walk to the stadium and not have to grab cabs to hit the nightlife. I think we accomplished that as you can see on the map where our hotel is versus the little black circle, which is where the stadium is. WOOT



For those that don’t know, I’m a huge football (soccer) fan. One of my friends from college got me hooked about 4 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m a loyal follower of Tottenham Hotspur, and also follow FC Barcelona on the side. About 3 years back, I was fortunate enough to be in Munich for the 2006 World Cup. While I didn’t have tickets to any matches, the atmosphere alone was incredible. We visited Salzburg and Prague while we were over in Europe as well, and those cities were had the World Cup buzzing as well. Nothing better than watching Argentina play in the Old Town square in Prague on huge big screens while eating some dinner and drinking a Pilsner.


So this brings us to 2009, where the first round of random draw tickets for the 2010 World Cup took place. I put my application in about a month or so ago, and went for the priciest tickets hoping the economy would push people away, and the fact that South Africa is one of the more difficult places to get to around the world. There is an option to accept lower price tickets if you don’t get the pricey ones, so I checked that off as well. I really don’t care if I’m sitting on the roof, I just want to see the game live.  So we waited a couple weeks for the draw, and heard nothing. I guess FIFA once again got buried in applications (1.65 million) as was a tad behind on notices. I was paying my credit card a few days later, and had noticed quite a large charge that had cleared…..from FIFA…WOOT!


Cape Town

But still no email for full confirmation, so I was still a little skeptical. I could also check online through FIFA, but the same status “Still Pending.” A few more days went by, and I finally got the email that confirmed that we got tickets to both games I put in for, and kind of unluckily, got the priciest tickets available. Oh well, what do I care, how many World Cups you really going to go to?? I’m pretty pumped, especially since both games are in Cape Town, and they are only 3 days apart, and we are pitch-side for both matches. The first match is a #3 vs #4, but the second match is #1 vs #2, so we are guaranteed to see one of the top 8 teams in the world….at least at the time of the draw. Obviously I’d be over the moon if we got to see England play, but there are so many countries that would be fun to watch. At the current time, based on the international ranking of teams in the world, we would see one of the following:

Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, England or Croatia

I don’t think I’d mind watching any of those teams live to be honest 🙂 It will be another 8 months until the draw and to find out what teams we will actually see, so again we must be patient. The plan of attack now is to figure out how we are getting there, where we’ll stay, and what else we can see while we are in that part of the world. I’m thinking we could see Zambia and Zimbabwe if we do a side trip to see Victoria Falls, and then maybe a small safari in Botswana, and some beach time out in Mauritius. I don’t think flying all the way to Cape Town for a week is very doable, so why not stay a while and see some places you’ll likely never see again. On top of that, our friends Mike and Charlie got tickets as well already, so this experience won’t be had alone.

Off to start making some coin to pay for this thing. Later


Robben Island